Custom Cuff links TOTALLY my idea – with a little help from my Mom!

My son is a waiter and he is always in need of long sleeve white dress shirts.  I AM ALWAYS looking for a bargain!  When he requested a few more shirts I hit the Goodwill Store!  The only shirt they had that fit his criteria (in his size) had cuffs and would require cuff links.  REALLY??  I am not sending cuff links to my college aged son.  But the shirt was in great shape and only $3.99.  I needed a solution – BUTTONS!!!!


I found these great football buttons at Hobby Lobby on clearance – $1.05 including tax for TWO!  Now to figure out how to make them into cuff links without using glue.  Enter a call to my 80 year old Momma!  She suggested elastic thread.


I didn’t have exactly the thread she had suggested but the round thin elastic I found it my old sewing kit fit the bill.  I cut a piece of elastic about 4 inches long and fed it through another white button that I placed on the back side of the cuff.  The button was big enough that it wouldn’t slip through the button hole.  Then fed the elastic through all the button holes in the cuff and secured them to my football button with two standard knots. Then cut the excess unused elastic.


TA-DA!!!!  A sneaky adjustable cuff link.  The elastic has enough give to allow you hand to slip though without taking the cuff link off when you dress but still is tight enough to keep the cuff closed!  The real test will be how long the knots will last before I get a phone call.  I tied them really tight!



P.S. I texted my “waiter- first born child” with the finished product. He is a former college football player – so the theme cuff links was justified (in my mind). Although my son called me a dork for making them,  he gave them his stamp of approval (he should – the shirt is FREE to him) and can’t wait to get his latest care package.

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