Pioneer Woman’s potatoes awesome alternative to baked potatoes


What an amazing change to baked potatoes. So simple and yummy all rolled into one. I used 8 red potatoes and we had lots left over. What can be more simple than boiling potatoes for about 10 minutes and the smashing them onto a generously oiled sheet pan. I was a little chicken to put the potatoes on the top shelf of my oven, the potatoes would have been a little more crispy if I had. Next time I will. Make sure you olive oil the well so they get crispy. Thank you Pioneer Woman!


Pioneer Woman “The Bread” – The Best


So easy and so good. The Pioneer Woman’s recipe for The Bread is simple but effective. This creation turns out like a wonderful buttery soft crouton. I couldn’t stop eating it!!! My only warning would be to watch the bread while it is in the broiler. It could go very wrong- very quick! I broiled on high, on the middle rack of my oven and it took about 5 minutes, but I kept checking it as if my life depended on it. Try this one!

Beef & Broccoli is a success!!

Beef & Broccoli is a success!!

So – SO easy! This recipe was a snap! The only challenge was finding the cooking sherry in the grocery store. Now I am set with that ingredient for a long time. I used some thin cut rib-eye instead of the sirloin because that’s what looked better in the butcher case. I also went with fresh broccoli. I sped the process along by spending some time pre-cutting and mixes all the ingredients so when the wok was hot I was ready to go. This passed the family dinner test with flying colors. Friends even walked in and said my house smelled so good!